Aspera an IBM Company

IBM Aspera® is a bulk data transport technology implemented at the application layer that provides secure high-speed transfer while remaining compatible with existing network and infrastructure. The protocol retransmits only needed data that is not still in flight, for 100% “good data” throughput.

Dell EMC – Isilon

Isilon is a scale out network-attached storage platform offered by Dell EMC for high-volume storage, backup and archiving of unstructured data. It provides a cluster-based storage array based on industry standard hardware and is scalable to 50 petabytes in a single filesystem using its FreeBSD-derived OneFS file system.



At Palantir, we build software that lets organizations integrate their data, their decisions, and their operations into one platform. Our software empowers entire organizations to answer complex questions quickly by bringing the right data to the people who need it.


I3 Federal

i3 Federal is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) and value-added reseller of IT products and solutions, with expert focus on storage and advanced data management.


Dell Technologies

At Dell Technologies, we continue to innovate, developing technology so you are always ready to move forward. Learn more about digital transformation and emerging technologies and see real stories from our customers.


Apptio SaaS solutions help organizations make smart decisions as they analyze, plan, optimize, control, and collaborate about the investments that will transform the IT operating model. Since our inception, we’ve gone on to become a one-stop-shop for businesses looking to optimize their IT budgeting, forecasting, and financial analyses.

*Additional services that will be available on our GSA schedule soon.


Developer of an artificial intelligence-based platform designed to curate training data for machine learning. The company’s platform facilitates quick, self-service curation of the quality training data needed to increase the precision of ML models and also permits domain experts within a company to annotate data, enabling warfighters to overcome operational challenges and maintain the tactical advantages they need to serve the mission.

Linear Therapies

Linear Therapies is a bio-tech company using the breakthrough solubility technology to create new intellectual properties by formulating biologically active products into novel drugs with increased bioavailability. Linear Therapies is focusing on delivering a safe and immediate anti-pathogen specifically targeted at the COVID-19 pandemic.



Soldaguard is a USA made and veteran owned company that focuses on the health and well-being of all through innovative products and services.


Halodine® Antiseptics have demonstrated rapid viricidal efficacy against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. Halodine® is a proprietary povidone-iodine antiseptic developed in partnership with leading clinicians for repeated nasal and oral administration.


Stealth Power- Power & Energy Technology

Stealth Power develops and produces smart mobile energy systems that give you the power to run all your electrical equipment without constantly running your engine or generator.


Work Storm

Workstorm Brings all your productivity tools into one secure space, reduces application fatigue for your workers, and delivers ongoing benefits to your organization. Workstorm integrates many of the applications you’d have to buy separately, minimizing management time and costs. We’ll help you avoid shadow technology that compromises client confidentiality, reduce the risk of information leaking to third parties, and analyze trends across applications through a single platform.

TradeCraft Technologies

At Tradecraft Technologies we build products and solutions that address targeted, persistent problems areas or future-looking opportunities in the C4ISR community. These innovative solutions are the result of deep understanding, trusted partnerships, and a willingness to invest in our customers success.



Data comes in many formats and is stored in various manners of media—Tanzle’s management of content allows quicker access with extremely low latency and addresses the formats permitting a fuller unification of data allowing for visualization.


Bravatek Solutions, Inc. is a security-platform company that offers software, tools and services to worldwide markets. It provides security, defense and information security solutions, which assist corporate entities, governments and individuals in protecting their organizations and/or critical infrastructures against error, as well as physical and cyber-attack.


ENODO Global

ENODO Global is the premier Social Risk Advisory firm. Our population-centric methodology and customized operating platforms provide clients with real-time awareness and predictive analysis, enabling them to understand and mitigate social risk by developing data-driven communication and engagement strategies that leverage the power of “identity” for maximum impact.



Emist is committed to providing high-quality, intelligent disinfecting solutions that make spaces healthier and safer for people.

Soft Iron

SoftIron creates superior appliances for scale-out data centers – private and public cloud, and enterprise scale facilities. The appliances radically improve industry-standard performance on all critical metrics including: density, efficiency, capacity, speed and heat emission.


Lentix provides innovative imaging solutions to enhance security and illuminate threats to our customers.

Night Shift Development

The Night Shift Development team is on a mission to democratize data analytics and build data-driven solutions for users of any technical skill level. Technology solutions are a tool humans use to find the answers they need– not the answer itself. Technology solutions should conform to the users, not the other way around. Our mission is to build data-driven technical solutions for users of any technical skill level.


At PIXIA®, we provide a faster way to inform, a smarter way to analyze, and a more efficient way to obtain knowledge from massive data. Our proven, scalable, standards-driven technology enables instant access to the right data, at the right time, anywhere in the world. Trusted by the most discerning government agencies and private sector clients, PIXIA® technology empowers leaders to make smarter decisions, fast.