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About TouchTable

At TouchTable Inc., they are dedicated to improving decision making abilities through the creation of innovative technologies. To accomplish this, TouchTable specializes in designing and manufacturing collaboration systems that allow for the accurate visualization, analysis, and sharing of data. By combining TouchTable hardware and software with partner and customer applications, TouchTable is redefining the way in which people view and distribute information.

Why Choose TouchTable?

The TouchTable™ family of products provides a rich environment to visualize, navigate and analyze complex data sets. Using a TouchTable is a natural experience because simple hand gestures are used to navigate through the data. Both groups and individuals can collaborate in a shared virtual space through synchronized network connectivity to allow maximum contribution of all participants.

Using a TouchTable promotes direct social interaction and facilitates dialogue by allowing subject matter experts a place to gather and share knowledge, resulting in a more comprehensive understanding throughout the enterprise.

TouchTable Group Product Line

TouchTable™ TT84
The core of the TouchTable family, the TT84 is a dedicated, large group visualization and collaboration platform. This system is designed for use in Command and Control Centers, boardrooms, or any permanent location where large numbers of subject matter experts can meet and discuss complex situations.

TouchTable™ TT45
AppSymphony™ has been used to build social media analytics apps from “tweets” as well as vehicle identification and tracking from full motion video feeds.

TouchTable™ TT
A hardware and software platform that is designed to extend collaboration capabilities to mobile units in the field. Incorporating a small size, an integrated stand, allows the TT to be used in a wide variety of environments.

TouchShare GIS
TouchShare GIS extends TouchTable’s interface and graphics capabilities to ESRI’s ARCGIS™ software. TouchShare GIS organizes project layers into a simple menu hierarchy, which is manipulated through intuitive hand gestures. GIS data is displayed directly on the table and can be navigated, searched, annotated, georeferenced, and published as needed.

TouchShare for Google Earth™
TouchShare for Google Earth provides an easy to use interface for accessing places, navigating, networking, creating notations, analyzing data in Google Earth. A set of Google Earth tools are available in the TouchShare menu system to allow easy access through gestures.

TouchTable Software Developer’s Kit
The TouchTable Software Developer’s Kit (SDK) is a collection of libraries that allow developers to create and integrate Windows‐based applications onto the TouchTable. The TouchTable SDK is Microsoft™ .NET based and provides tools for the following:
Services for networking
Gesture interpretation
UI and graphic design
Settings manipulation
Streamlined application development

TouchShare™ for STK ®
TouchShare for STK provides a visual front end for the Analytical Graphics Inc. STK software platform, enabling STK users and commanding officers to easily navigate, analyze, collaborate and get the most out of STK space missions, C4ISR, aircraft missions, electric systems management, and missile defense. TouchShare concentrates on developed STK models and simulations (e.g.,sc and .vdf files), providing users engaging and interactive functionality when analyzing STKs highly structured data.

TouchTable Success Stories


Defense and Intelligence

Defense and Intelligence communities use high‐resolution GIS data to provide a complete situational overview when evaluating options for tactical operations. This often includes a large number of data layers for satellite, terrain, 3/D overlays, analysis results, and population information.

TouchTable, Inc. has developed a system that allows Defense and Intelligence communities to increase group comprehension and help decision making through better visualization and data management.

Homeland Security

Homeland Security has taken on the enormous task of unifying and analyzing information from the large network of organizations and institutions involved in national security. GIS software is used to combine this data because of its ability to easily display the information and because of it extensive analysis capabilities.

Using TouchTable increases the speed of analysis by providing a system that facilitates the decision making process. Analysts can explore spatial data by modeling scenarios and can then either collaborate with teammates or distribute their decisions to the field.
Leveraging innovative commercial technology to bring about sophisticated solutions for resolving complex challenges.