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About Palantir Technologies

Palantir Technologies is working to radically change how groups analyze information.

Palantir’s software is a technology accelerant – a way to unlock the ideas of a domain expert in days or weeks rather than months or years by making impossible data integration a practical activity. It integrates many kinds of data including, structured, unstructured, relational, temporal, and geospatial, providing enterprises with real‐time understanding of their data. Palantir’s products are built for real analysis with a focus on security, stability, ease of use, and collaboration.

Palantir’s software is broadly deployed in the intelligence, defense, law enforcement, public health, financial, and oversight communities, and is spreading rapidly by word of mouth.

Why Choose Palantir Technologies

Palantir Government is a platform for information analysis. Palantir was designed for environments where the fragments of data that an analyst combines to tell the larger story are spread across a vast set of starting material. Palantir provides flexible tools to import and model data, intuitive constructs to search against the data, and powerful techniques to iteratively define and test hypotheses. With Palantir, an analyst can go all the way from an initial tasking to a final product in hours or days, rather than weeks.

Palantir Government is seen as the platform of choice for the spectrum of hard problems that enterprises face today. Palantir provides an out‐of‐the‐box foundation for information management – full source tracking, fine grained access control, flexible data modeling, structured and unstructured data ingest – with a powerful frontend to explore all of this richness.

Palantir Technologies Product Line

Palantir is the only platform that can be used at the strategic, operational, and tactical levels within the U.S. Intelligence, Defense, and Law Enforcement Communities.
• Palantir combines powerful backend database and server architecture with an intuitive frontend user interface, which enables you to store, search, and share knowledge and information gained on the battlefield.
• Palantir already integrates all the structured and unstructured datasources that you use today, securely. Palantir easily draws in any type of data, such as unstructured message traffic, structured identity data, link charts, spreadsheets, SIGNIT, ELINT, IMINT, and many other documents.
• Palantir is an open platform, so it is completely interoperable with all other tools you are using today.
• Palantir enables secure information sharing across agencies and organizations in real‐time while providing the strongest protection of privacy and civil liberties.

Palantir empowers decision makers at every level by providing them a robust analytics platform that displays, organizes, stores, and analyzes the complex fabric of friendly, threat, neutral, and clandestine human terrain in a multi‐dimensional environment.
• Save thousands of man hours. Palantir allows you to see all of your data, from many systems, in a single place and automates hundreds of tasks that analysts currently do manually. Search through all your data at high speed to pull out significant intelligence.
• Palantir’s power allows organizations to make discoveries that would otherwise be impossible to make even with 10x the manpower. Palantir’s advanced analytical functionality not only reveals important connections, but allows users to share in real time so that a unit’s discovery is automatically shared with the larger organization and stored for future retrieval.
•Units obtain the intelligence they need immediately, instead of waiting for it to be disseminated down (automatically controlled to their authorization and clearance level). Democratized intelligence makes the whole organization smarter and more effective.

Cyber Security
Palantir Cyber brings the same rich analytic framework designed for all‐source intelligence applications to address the knowledge management and data enrichment needs of the CI, CNO, and SOC/CERT communities.

Palantir Cyber is not a data triage tool or an appliance that sits against low signal to noise sources. It is the environment in which a team of investigators builds up an interactive repository of incidents, entities of interest, historical cases, and more, contributing to the organization’s corpus of analytical knowledge and structurally improving the capability of computer network defense or cyber intelligence organizations.

Palantir Technologies Success Stories

The Geeks vs. the Terrorists
The Washingtonian – February 2012
On Palantir’s security model: “It’s difficult to overstate the importance of this security regime. Absent such nuanced controls, down to the level of a single person or one nugget of intelligence, the kind of collaboration necessary to prevent terrorist attacks won’t happen.”

Palantir, the War on Terror’s Secret Weapon
Bloomberg Businessweek – November 22, 2011
“For anyone in peril, the message is clear: Give us a signal and a forward deployed engineer will be at your doorstep. ‘There are some people out there that don’t think to pick up the phone and call us,’ Karp says. ‘By next year, many of those people will.’”

PayPal‐Based Technology Helped Bust India’s and the Dalai Lama’s Cyberspies
Forbes – April 30, 2010
“What made Palantir’s intelligence platform, called Palantir Government, a tool of choice for Munk Centre investigators was its ability to handle and slice large sets of data using very granular controls. One way to think of the platform is an easy‐to‐use search tool with the ability to scan through multiple data sets at once.”
Leveraging innovative commercial technology to bring about sophisticated solutions for resolving complex challenges.