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About Jive

Jive pioneered Social Business, and with it, the first enterprise platform that unleashes the creativity, innovation, and motivation that is trapped in most people.

They are driven to become the first enterprise software company that end users love. Because if their users love Jive, their work lives will be better. Much better. And if people do better work, they will make a bigger difference to their colleagues, customers, shareholders, and yes, even the world.

The Jive Engage Platform combines the most powerful features of community software, collaboration software, social networking software, and social media monitoring into the leading Social Business Software (SBS) solution.

Why Choose Jive?

Reduce duplication of effort.

Fusion‐io’s revolutionary new memory tier, ioMemory, greatly increases applications’ ability to process data, enhancing speed‐to‐intelligence. This helps government entities in many ways, including:

Find subject matter experts.

Quickly discern who has the expertise to address critical issues. Jive not only connects you to experts, but also all relevant content, no matter what type.

Capture intellectual property.

Don’t let retiring employees create knowledge gaps. Jive lets you create a repository of intellectual capital that becomes more powerful with every contribution.

Multi‐agency collaboration.

Working in a silo inevitably leads to a cluster. Jive enables meaningful cross‐agency interactions and greatly improves coordination to maximize resources and assets.

Citizen participation.

Social represents a tectonic shift in how you engage with constituents. With Jive you can create an open community that fosters effective citizen participation and real‐time feedback.

Jive Product Line

Social Networking for Enterprise:

Jive’s enterprise social networking platform allows you to engage employees, customers, and the social web. Increase the efficiency of internal communication; build brand loyalty, and monitor customer chatter and ideas, all from one central location. Say goodbye to your intranet, multiple logins for scattered enterprise apps, and being out of the loop; the Jive Engage platform integrates the social networking tools you love and need so you can focus on what matters.

Different aspects of their social business platform:

Engage Employees: Unshackle yourself. You spend way too much time processing endless email messages, searching for information, logging into one soul – sucking enterprise app after another. Receive 27 percent less email.

Engage Customers: It’s time for real customer relationships. You’ve got the opportunity of a lifetime. The change to change the way you build your brand. The way you create products. The way you keep customers happy and successful. Receive 33 percent higher customer satisfaction.

Engage the Social Web: Make sense of the information coming at you, a way to engage intelligently.

Jive Apps: Jive gives you great social apps, without compromising the enterprise controls and security you demand. Give users a fantastic social business experience, while ensuring that user privacy and sensitive data stay protected and secured.

What Matters: Decision making and action taking. See activity updates across all the people, places, projects, and content in your community – in one, single view. Never miss a thing. Jive’s central activity stream gives you a personalized view of the community actions that matter most.

Jive Success Stories

Jive Named a Leader in Enterprise Social Platforms by Independent Research Firm

Palo Alto, Calif. – August 31, 2011 – Jive Software announced today that it was recognized as a ‘Leader’ in The Forrester WaveTM: Enterprise Social Platforms, Q3 2011. Jive was among the selected companies that Forrester Research, Inc. invited to participate in the report that was released on August 24, 2011.

The Forrester report analyzes the state of the enterprise social platforms market as well as the strengths and weaknesses of top enterprise social platforms vendors. Nine products were evaluated and eighteen user companies were interviewed for this report.

According to Forrester, “Jive continues to drive to establish and lead “social business” as a new software category. With strong momentum and an application marketplace coming on line this year, 2011 could prove a pivotal year in its quest.”

“We feel this recognition from Forrester as a leader in Enterprise Social Platforms is a validation of our social business platforms,” said John Rizzo, Jive CMO. “We believe that our social business software unleashes creativity, drives innovation and improves productivity by increasing engagement within the enterprise, as well as with customers and partners. Just as consumer social technologies are changing the way we live, social business is transforming the way we work.”
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