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About Isilion

Isilon Systems, a division of EMC, is the global leader in scale-out storage. Their mission is to remove the barriers that exist between businesses and their data. And their goal is to help customers get to the information they need, manipulate it, and act on it.

Their scale-out storage platform is a powerful, yet simple way to manage data and applications, enabling enterprises to expect much more from their storage. Limitless capacity in a single file system? Yes. Unparalleled performance? Yes. Application consolidation? Yes. At Isilon, we’re challenging enterprises to think differently about their storage, because when they do, they’ll recognize there’s a better, simpler way.

Why Choose Isilion?

Whether enterprises choose Isilon to store massive amounts of data in a single file system, to boost storage performance and/or to consolidate dozens of applications, Isilon’s three dimensions of scale and extraordinary simplicity stand at the forefront of enterprise storage innovation.

Agility and Flexibility

Every Isilon solution can seamlessly scale on-the-fly enabling you to add hundreds of terabytes of storage or expand performance in minutes. With Isilon, you can take on larger projects, leverage new revenue opportunities, create more content, and perform more in-depth research with the ability to instantly scale as business needs change.

Integration Requirements Design (IRD) methodology used to integrate requirements analysis, process modeling, and solution design into a single process that streamlines the development of complex systems.

Simple to Manage

Our modular architecture and intelligent software make deployment and management simple. Once racked, you can have an Isilon IQ cluster online in less than 10 minutes, without time consuming, expensive integration services. Every Isilon cluster is a single pool of storage with a global namespace, eliminating the need to support multiple volumes and file systems.


Isilon’s high utilization rates – over 80 percent – means you purchase fewer spindles for the same amount of usable storage. And Isilon’s pay-as-you-grow modular approach allows you to align capital expenditures directly with business growth by purchasing only what your organization needs today, with the ability to easily expand tomorrow.

Isilion Product Line

Isilon’s Scale-Out Storage Platform, powered by their OneFS® operating system, combines a robust suite of management applications and enterprise-class hardware to deliver meaningful and sustainable productivity enhancements. Isilon’s three product lines provide a broad range of options to address enterprise storage needs. There software application provides enterprise-grade storage management, protection, and distribution capabilities.

Isilion Scale-out Platform Nodes
  • S-Series: IOPS – Intensive Applications
  • X-Series: High-Concurrent and Sequential Throughput Workflows
  • NL-Series: Near – Primary Accessibility with Near-Tape Value

Platform Extension Nodes
  • Performance Accelerator: Ultimate Performance, Independently Scalable
  • Backup Accelerator: High-Speed and Scalable Backup and Restore Solution
  • EX Capacity Extension: Independent Scaling of Capacity

OneFS Operating System
Their sixth generation OneFS® operating system provides the intelligence behind all Isilon® IQ scaleout storage solutions, orchestrating the operation of every system component, or node, into a seamless, unified whole.

Isilion Success Stories

Challenge: As a provider of hosted solutions Surgient’s storage requirements fluctuate constantly, directly impacting their ability to efficiently serve their enterprise IT customers. The cost to upgrade their existing storage solution was very high and still would not have provided storage that could easily scale as needed.

Solution: “We put an Isilon system in place for about 1/3 the cost per terabyte compared to our legacy storage solution. In addition, we no longer have to manage multiple volumes for each of our customers or move data as customers change their storage usage,” said Evan Watkins, Director of Operations and Quality Assurance, Surgient.

Challenge: In the course of their investigative work, TGen’s scientists and researchers generate enormous data sets from precise sequencing.The volume of genetic data quickly breached the limitations of TGen’s original data storage system, forcing TGen’s IT managers to expend excessive amounts of time dealing with inefficient data movement among storage silos, performance problems, and file system disruption.

Solution: TGen needed a storage solution that required less management resources and allowed TGen to repurpose its previous system as backup archive. TGen unified its workflow onto a single, highly scalable, cost-effective Isilon IQ 36NL cluster, accelerating time-to-results for its mission critical research.

By using data compression technology from Isilon partner Ocarina, TGen is now using its previous storage area network (SAN) system combined with network file system (NFS) servers as the backup target for its Isilon IQ cluster.
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