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About Fusion-io

Fusion‐io is a pioneer of a new storage memory platform that significantly improves the processing capabilities within a data center by moving process‐critical, or active data closer to the CPU where it is processed. Called shared data decentralization, this significantly reduces latency while increasing data center efficiency. Fusion integrated hardware and software solutions leverage nonviolatile memory for enterprise‐grade performance, reliability, availability, and manageability.

Fusion‐io is unique in that they do not have storage controllers on board like traditional SSD’s. Their software combined with an FPGA is what allows them to get extreme performance and reliability out of their PCIe NAND Flash high‐speed cards. Fusion‐io scales up to 10TB on a single PCIe card. Certain server models can hold (4) ioDrive Octal cards in a single 4U chassis while others can hold (2) 10TB ioDrive Octals in a 2U chassis.

Why Choose Fusion-io?

Fusion‐io’s revolutionary new memory tier, ioMemory, greatly increases applications’ ability to process data, enhancing speed‐to‐intelligence. This helps government entities in many ways, including:

1. Speeds Response Times for Boots‐on‐the‐ground Military

Boots‐on‐the‐ground military, including warfighters and first responders, require the fastest possible response to react on real‐time information. Fusion‐io technology reduce the weight, power, and cooling needs of deployable systems by offering the performance of a large Storage Area Network (SAN) in a device that consumes no more space than a network.

2. Enables Intelligence Agencies to Transform Data into Information Faster

Fusion‐io technology places terabytes of process‐critical data as close to the CPU of application servers as possible. This eliminates the latency that slows intelligence applications to dramatically improve processing time. The result is dramatically faster data warehouse and intelligence application processing.

3. Simplifies Systems for Analysts and Datacenter Operators

For intelligence analysts and datacenter operators, whether in the field or at a central location, Fusion‐io’s technology reduces complexity by enabling performance‐intensive applications or databases to do much more processing within a much smaller footprint.

4. Enables Agencies to Achieve Compliance without Compromise

Fusion‐io’s technology dramatically improves application performance with much less infrastructure. This allows agencies to meet the needs of end‐users, while minimizing costs for power and cooling, system administration, software licensing, and floor space.

Fusion-io Product Line

ioDrive: Fusion‐io ioDrive dramatically improves application response times with a persistent, high‐performance, high‐capacity ioMemory tier. It enables data decentralized architectures that move terabytes of process‐critical data into servers. This minimizes application latency to deliver groundbreaking improvements to computing performance, while greatly reducing hardware infrastructure, maintenance, floor space, and energy costs. Minimizes latency and eliminates I/O bottlenecks by integrating with host servers as a memory tier extension.

io‐Drive Duo: The Best Performance Density…Doubled. Using the same award‐winning ioMemory technology as the ioDrive, the ioDrive Duo doubles the performance and capacity available on a single device. Multiple ioDrive Duos combined can easily achieve gigabytes of bandwidth and hundreds of thousands of IOPS with a single server.

ioDrive Octal: Maximizing Performance for Large Datasets. The ioDrive Octal packs the highest IOPS in industry, 6 GB/s of bandwidth, and 5.12 TB and 10TB of capacity into a single PCI Express device. This enables organizations to tackle previously unattainable workload challenges with a single server, eliminating the latency impact of accessing backing data stores.

Virtual Storage Layer (VSL): The software that powers the ioMemory platform. It allows file systems, volume managers, and applications to access flash through a common block interface. Similar to the page tables in the host virtual memory subsystem, the VSL virtualizes flash via “block tables” and translates block requests to physical ioMemory addresses, also analogous to the virtual memory subsystem.

ioTurbine: Unleashes VMware’s potential, turning ioMemory into a powerful, easy‐to‐manage, drop‐in solution. With ioTurbine, Fusion‐io makes it possible for you to virtualize even the most I/O intensive applications or increase VM density while improving cost savings transparently throughout an enterprise VMware environment.

DirectCache: Places cache software in the server to deliver lower cache latency. Fusion‐io’s customers can have Terabytes of cache acceleration at their fingertips to speed performance of any backing store.

ioSphere: Expands on the default ioManager 3 software to expand visibility and reporting capabilities to all ioMemory across the data center.

ioCache: The ioCache VM Edition bundle unleashes the potential of virtualization with a powerful, easy‐to‐manage, drop‐in performance solutions. The bundle combines ioCache hardware – which is specifically designed as a virtualization cache – with ioTurbine virtualization caching software, which integrates transparently with VMware.

Fusion-io Success Stories

“This new technology will allow us to meet the performance requirements critical to fulfilling our national security missions well into the future, while dramatically reducing power consumption and satisfying new energy conservation initiatives.”

‐Mark Seager, Head of Advanced Computing Technology, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

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