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About Dell

Dell delivers innovative technology and services which customers trust and value. As a leading technology company, they offer a broad range of products and services that they believe create optimal solutions for their customers that will provide them with the power to do more.

Why Choose Dell?

The U.S. government is at a critical juncture. Citizens are demanding more accountability and transparency, and government agencies are responding by breaking down barriers that have caused inefficiencies. More than at any point in history, IT is expected to be a driving force of change that moves the government forward. IT leaders are under greater scrutiny to spend budgets effectively and are increasingly being measured on project performance. Yet, many are dealing with fragmented IT environments that are complex, outdated, and costly to maintain, leading to further challenges with security, interoperability and manageability. To be change agents within the government, CIOs must first transform IT. Dell has mapped out a strategy for IT transformation that consists of three phases:

   • Simplify: To cut costs and complexity
   • Modernize: To deliver greater efficiency
   • Innovate: To accelerate transformation

Dell Product Line

Dell™ Digital Forensics: Offers a single user interface to a suite of computer forensic applications and a single repository for simultaneously parallel processing of digital evidence. This simplifies the imaging, sharing, and archiving of data across experts and teams, and establishes a clear process for secure electronic information exchange. Additionally, the solution enables secure remote analysis and review of evidence, offering authorities the freedom to go where the investigation takes them.

Dell Digital Forensics Solution integrates server and storage hardware, software, and services designed to process and store digital forensic data while protecting the security and integrity of that data throughout its life cycle.

Rugged Mobility: Dell has a family of laptop solutions – from the toughest military-grade option to flexible, business-ready solutions – designed to resist spills and drops and to handle almost any situation. If you have a tough job in a tough environment, Dell has the end-to-end solution for you – powered by 2nd Generation Intel® i5 Computer Processors.

Dell™ / INTEGRITY™ Secure Consolidated Client (DISCO): Helps simplify complex secure environments by enabling users to access multiple network domains and levels of secure data from a single computing device, while preserving a high level of assurance that the data is securely separated.

Designed with top-secret in mind, Dell / INTEGRITY separation kernel technology that has protected the world’s high-value data and provided a high-assurance platform in military-embedded systems for over 10 years. This technology is now available for general computing platforms.

Dell™ Cloud Computing: To compete effectively, you need an IT infrastructure that can scale quickly to meet dynamic business demands and maximize utilization of your IT investment. Dell has developed a growing portfolio of efficient cloud computing solutions to help you achieve that flexible infrastructure.

Dell™ Fluid Data: Intelligent Data Management (IDM) is delivered through Dell Fluid Data solutions to help businesses automate, optimize, scale, and protect storage to create an increasingly agile, increasingly Efficient IT environment.

Dell Fluid Data solutions are architected to give their customers the power to optimize their storage infrastructure by helping them put the right data in the right place at the right time for the right cost. The solution portfolio encompasses a broad range of systems, software, and services. The Dell IDM strategy can help organizations manage growth, increase the value of data, enhance information accessibility, reduce risk, and control costs.

Dell Success Stories

Gaston County’s IT staff spent 95 percent of its time fighting fires and trying to keep 1,000 users connected at 25 different sites. More than half of its 40 Windows Servers® were obsolete, and disk failures were a regular headache. Gaston County needed to replace its direct attached storage with centralized storage and implement a reliable disaster recovery plan.

The county implemented Dell Compellent Storage Center SANs with Dell Fluid Data architecture as a foundation for upgrading its ESRI® geographic information system and consolidating its 85 applications based on Mircosoft® SQL Server®. The county chose Dell Compellent because of the way its enterprise storage features could redefine efficiency, productivity and protection in a scalable enterprise platform.

Department of Veteran Affairs (VA)
Dell is committed to the VA’s mission of delivering the highest quality of healthcare to our nation’s 23 million Veterans. Dell provides support to their existing clinical systems while helping them migrate to new technologies and world-class solutions.

Dell Services Federal Government provides information technology and systems services for a number of the VA’s programs. They deliver technical management and applications development for the current VA electronic healthcare system, VistA, and provide technical support for the evolution of VistA into the Agency’s next-generation electronic medical records system. Their team helps the VA improve identity management systems among network hospitals. They are also providing support on the cutting edge of the VA’s data quality program that aims to improve treatment standardization.
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