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About DataDirect Networks

DataDirect Networks (DDN) is the world’s largest, privately‐held storage infrastructure provider. With a unique and exacting focus on the requirements of today’s massive unstructured data generators, DDN has innovated a comprehensive product portfolio for Big Data applications which are optimized for the world’s most data‐intensive environments, including: High Performance Computing, Life Science Research, Web & Cloud Content, Professional Media, Homeland Security, Intelligence and more.

In many ways, DDN has been mastering Big Data challenges before the term ‘Big Data’ was even invented. By supporting the requirements of the world’s largest file storage systems and demanding applications for over 10 years, DDN has developed both domain expertise and an unfair advantage in today’s new data explosion.

Why Choose DataDirect Networks?

We provide storage array, file system and object storage appliances for the cloud to the world’s most data‐intensive environments. These scalable and highly efficient storage solutions enable our customers to accelerate time to results, scale simply as data sets continue to grow and gain competitive advantage through resolving performance and capacity scaling challenges. By optimizing each element of the I/O environment for performance, capacity, data center efficiency – DDN solutions deliver the highest level of ROI as businesses achieve more with purpose‐built tools for data‐intensive applications.

DataDirect Networks Product Line

Storage Fusion Architecture (SFA)
DDN’s Storage Fusion Architecture provides the foundation for balanced, high‐performance storage systems. Using highly parallelized storage processing technology, SFA delivers unprecedented IOPS and massive throughput at the same time. Combined with Enterprise‐level data protection and leading scalability, density and energy efficiency, SFA is the storage technology of choice for the most extreme storage infrastructure projects.

SFA Products deliver:
•Up to 1 Million IOPS and up to 10GB/s throughput from a single storage system
•Intelligent storage cache and performance management
•Up to 2.4PB in only two datacenter racks for leading storage density

Silicon Storage Architecture (S2A)
DDN’s Silicon Storage Architecture is now in its eighth generation, delivering industry‐leading throughput for high‐bandwidth applications in a number of verticals, including Media and Entertainment and High‐Performance Computing. Scaling to multiple Petabytes in a small footprint, products based on S2A technology are ideal bandwidth intensive environments as well as large content archives and backup sites. S2A delivers predictable performance and unique selfhealing capabilities.

S2A products deliver:
•Up to 6GB/s of Read and Write Performance
•Predictable throughput during intelligent auto‐healing and drive rebuild events
•DataDirect Networks’ Dynamic MAID for online storage energy efficiency

Silicon Storage Architecture (S2A)
DDN is changing the content storage and distribution game with the introduction of the Web Object Scaler Object‐Based Cloud Storage System. Ideal for building geographically dispersed global clouds holding billions of files and Petabytes of content in a single namespace, WOS provides a single, easy‐to‐use management interface.

WOS delivers:
•A single, global namespace for billions of files dispersed among multiple sites
•Massive object serving performance that helps reduce or eliminate the need for Content Delivery Networks
•Automated, policy‐based distribution of content among multiple data centers
•Robust data protection and self‐healing capabilities

DataDirect Networks Success Stories


Challenge 1

Challenge: Battlefield imagery from satellites, UAVs, and first responders must be gathered, shared, and analyzed in realtime in order to safeguard U.S. forces and achieve mission objectives.

Application: The Large Data JCTD is a pioneering storage, computing, and communications network designed to handle massive inflows of image and video data and allow analysts to operate on it in real‐time from remote locations as if the information were local to their desktops.

Solution: NRL and the Large Data JCTD turned to DataDirect Networks and SGI to deliver the critical storage and computing infrastructure. DataDirect’s Infinibandbased storage systems provide lowlatency, high speed, shared access to a Petabyte‐scale storage pool, while SGI’s Altix servers enable real‐time visualization and manipulation of the incoming images.

Challange 2

Challenge: Finding any storage solution that could consolidate 25 different file systems on a single array, scale to massive capacity for image archiving, and deliver high throughput writes to simultaneously support multi‐core, multi‐threaded image processing and the ingest of new images from multiple scanners.

Application: iArchives converts microfilm and original print content into searchable, digitalized online databases using highspeed scanners paired with proprietary image manipulation and optical character recognition (OCR) technologies.

Solution: A DDN S2A data infrastructure platform provided cost‐effective, highcapacity, consolidated extreme storage pool. With Consistently Predictable Performance™ ‐ full write performance equaling system read performance, with guaranteed QoS – image capturing and processing operations were accelerated.
Leveraging innovative commercial technology to bring about sophisticated solutions for resolving complex challenges.