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About About Battlefield Telecommunications Systems (BTS)

Battlefield Telecommunications Systems (BTS) is a Maryland‐based company that provides advanced, mobile telecommunications technology, software development and integration for the U.S. government and the private sector. Since the company’s formation in 2008, BTS has been at the forefront of engineering advanced artificial and collective intelligence algorithms to automate the complexities of deploying and managing telecommunications networks in both the military and commercial sectors. BTS is the inventor and developer of Praefectus cellular and mobile cellular networks. Through a combination of innovative technical products and integration, highquality professionals, and first‐rate delivery execution, BTS focuses on addressing customer’s immediate and critical operational needs.

Why Choose Battlefield Telecommunications Systems (BTS)?

Much of their success results from their unique ability to turn breadboard technology concepts into realistic deliverable solutions within our customer’s short timelines. Their key leadership has participated intimately in highly successful projects over the last few years supporting the intelligence community. BTS specializes in developing complete, self‐contained IP‐based cellular systems, secure mobile wireless survey devices, and web‐based collaborative link analysis visualization software tools. Each solution is tailored to meet the customers’ unique requirements and can be integrated to operate within existing communications architectures.

Battlefield Telecommunications Systems (BTS) Product Line

Praefectus is a web 2.0 enabled mission management software platform designed to streamline communications and enable the use of commercial smartphones on the Battlefield. Praefectus was invented by BTS and sold to the U.S. Government in 2011. Designed to adapt commercial cellular technologies to the specific needs of the Warfighter through an intuitive user interface, Praefectus allows the operator to interact and manage both the cellular infrastructure and mobile devices operating on the network. In addition, Praefectus enables the user to graphically view and manage all of the base stations and devices on the network through real‐time mapping interface. BTS provides the resources and training to enable third party vendors to integrate disparate technologies with Praefectus to ensure its current and future operational succes

CoreTx represents the vanguard of highly mobile, high performance, decentralized, independent network technology. A ruggedized and cost‐effective 3G/4G solution for harsh operating environments, CoreTx delivers a scalable multiband cellular architecture in a single module, which can be form factored to any host enclosure. Combining revolutionary software and hardware Solutions, the CoreTx module consists of four key components: Praefectus Mission Management Software, enhanced packet system (EPS), an Intelligent Routing Engine (UMPIRE), and a ruggedized base station radio.

CoreTx Hos Enclosures
The CoreTx base unit host enclosure is a low‐profile, rapid‐response solution that can be easily mounted on a vehicle by magnets or bolts. Any team of up to 14 users can bring cellular connectivity with them as they respond, enabling cellular data at 4G speeds, even if local infrastructure is unavailable. Harnessing the power of CoreTx within a ruggedized base‐station, it provides ground tactical commanders with an unprecedented degree of flexibility and freedom of maneuver. Rather than being bound by existing network infrastructures, the enclosure system gives commanders the power to establish their own independent cellular network and bridge the communications divide. Depending on mission requirements, a variety of host enclosures solutions are available.

UMPIRE is a forwards and backwards compatible communications technology that facilitates interoperability between every node and every device on a cellular network. Compatiable with CoreTx, UMPIRE allows for cross‐protocol communication and works with any IP‐based connection technologies. Additionally, UMPIRE enables core‐to‐core voice and data routing and IP based communication that allows for Suite B and Type 1 encryption. The most common UMPIRE VoIP protocols are SIP, H.323, H.264, and Radio over IP (ROIP; same concept as VoIP, but in pushto‐ talk radios).

The SDR‐T represents a 2G solution and supports complete functionality for GSM and CDMA2000 Technologies. Standard system features include: Voice, Data, SMS, MMS, Call Handover, roaming, GPRS, 1xRT. Additionally, the SDR‐T support Voice over‐IP trunking via the SIP protocol. This allows us to communicate with any other VoIP system to include Cisco Media Gateways, PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network), or Tactical Radios that support a SIP Gateway. Compatible with any local area network infrastructure, the SDR‐T offers the degree of flexibility needed to a wide‐range of customer requirements.

Custom Solutions
They strive to provide their customers with cutting edge cellular network technology and integration. If the solution to your current mission requirements is not found in their existing product line, they will gladly work with you to craft a tailor‐made solution.

Battlefield Telecommunications Systems (BTS) Success Stories


“Over the last year we have seen the BTS products and services allow Warfigthers stationed in Afghanistan to train, fight, and communicate more effectively by bringing cutting‐edge 3G and 4G commercial technologies to the Battlefield. From an intelligence perspective, leveraging commercial technologies like 4G HSPA+, LTE, and smartphones like the Android enables every Warfighter to become a sensor with the ability to report secure audio, video, and other data to commanders in real time.”

Engadget featured CoreTx, a “portable LTE network in a box, ready to deliver 4G to a war zone near you,” in October 2011.
Leveraging innovative commercial technology to bring about sophisticated solutions for resolving complex challenges.