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About Aspera

Aspera’s mission is to create innovative software technologies to address the need for nextgeneration global transfers on existing wide area network infrastructure, providing maximum speed, reliability, security, and advanced management in any application, over any network, from tactical to enterprise IP communications links (Kbps to Gbps). Apsera’s breakthrough transport technology fasp™, has quickly become the market leader for high‐speed data transfer in the commercial industry, and has been deployed throughout the Department of Defense, Intelligence Community, Federal Civilian agencies, and System Integrators, worldwide.

Why Choose Aspera?

An Emerging Standard

Aspera software solutions bring breakthrough cost savings and efficiency gains, to organizations that need to move mission critical data over public, private, and secure IP networks. Easy‐todeploy, fully cross‐platform, data and network agnostic, Aspera solutions deliver unprecedented levels of transfer performance to file‐based workflows – including maximum speed, security, and bandwidth efficiency for many applications, including secure file transfer, content distribution, data center consolidation, cloud computing, software distribution, distributed communications, cross domain solutions, sensor data distribution, storage replication/synchronization, and more.

Next Generation Technology

Aspera’s patented technology brings true meaning to high‐performance data transfer speeds regardless of network conditions (high packet loss) and transfer distance (high latency). With bulletproof security and reliability built‐in, Aspera software provides organizations with unprecedented bandwidth management allowing for sophisticated data transfer prioritization and automatic protection of other IP traffic (congestion avoidance and adaptive rate control).

Easy, Proven Integration

Aspera’s innovative fasp™ protocol is providing superior file transfer capabilities to a variety of solutions, including specialized content distribution systems (geospatial imagery, video files, ISR data, scientific data, etc.), high‐performance storage, cloud services, integrated media platforms, workflow and automation engines, high‐speed file delivery tools, leading media production and transformation software, video management and publishing platforms, and more.

Aspera Product Line

Server Software Aspera Enterprise Server: Industry‐standard file transfer server for gathering and serving up files, directories and large data sets with unrivaled Aspera transfer performance.

Aspera Connect Server: Universal file transfer server with web front‐end and web plug‐in client architecture, allowing users to upload/download files and directories faster and more reliably.

Aspera faspex™ Server: Collaborative file transfer solution, providing an easy way for individuals and groups to collaborate and exchange files of any size quickly and efficiently.

Aspera Sync: Highly scalable, multisite, multi‐directional file system synchronization.

Aspera fasp‐mc: High‐speed content delivery over IP multicast enabled networks. Aspera fasp3™: Extends Aspera’s data transfer capabilities beyond files to the block level.

Client Software Aspera Client, Point‐to‐Point, Connect, Cargo, and Mobile: Initiate and automate transfers with multiple Aspera client software options – supporting Windows, Linux, Solaris, MacOS, iOS, Android, Outlook, browser integration, and more.

Network Managment Aspera Console: Web‐based, network‐wide management and monitoring interface providing a single centralized GUI for control and visibility over an entire Aspera enabled architecture.

Integration & OEM Aspera SDK: Open architecture software development kit, allowing Aspera’s high‐performance digital transport technology to be embedded in other systems and applications.

Aspera Success Stories “The intelligence and defense industry has been relying on Aspera for transfer of mission‐critical data for a number of years,” said Kip Schauer, director of government sales at Aspera. “DVIDS illustrates the power of Aspera’s technology, allowing rich files to be sent quickly and reliably from literally anywhere on the globe with a satellite uplink or Internet connection. We’re proud DVIDS trusts Aspera for such a critical workflow.”

Industry Recognition

May 2011: Aspera Named to GigaOM Structure 50 List “With more and more large files stored in the cloud and people trying to send and receive files from less‐robust mobile connections, Aspera’s technology can help reduce costs and speed delivery from anyone to anywhere.”

‐ GigaOM

July 2011: Aspera Named Best of FOSE 2011 for Enterprise Software “Aspera’s Connect Server meets a government need by enabling the transfer of massive amounts of data via limited bandwidth over great distances…”

– Government Computer News (GCN)
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