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About Agilex

Founded in 2007, Agilex Technologies, Inc. is an employee‐owned professional services firm providing software and solution development and system integration services. They have established themselves as leaders in the use of agile software development methodologies. Their iterative and empirical approach brings great speed, quality, accountability, and transparency to the software development process. In one major project, they delivered productivity that was five times better than industry average.

Why Choose Agilex?

Agilex is a public sector leader in agile software development:

• Their software engineering team is led by certified Scrum practitioners and masters.
•As a more iterative, requirements driven and transparent approach to software development, the Scrum methodology offers more control over the development process, additional flexibility and greater accountability.
•Automated daily testing delivers integrated quality assurance.
•Use of short‐duration programming sprints accelerates development and facilitates more precise project planning estimates.
•Supports all major programming languages, including Java, .Net, C++, C#, and VB.

Software designed for ready and intuitive adoption in the field:

•Integration Requirements Design (IRD) methodology used to integrate requirements analysis, process modeling, and solution design into a single process that streamlines the development of complex systems.
•Joint Application Development (JAD) used to work collaboratively with stakeholders to define, analyze, and refine business objectives, process models, and software architectures.
•Business analysts and human factors engineers employed to proactively address usability concerns, ensuring that workflow and interfaces are mission‐ready on day one.

Committed to standards‐based development:

•Significant experience in the use of open source software and the establishment of user communities.
•Contributor to industry standards‐setting activities and the development of reference models.
•Integrated testing center for prototyping, benchmarking, and evaluating proposed configurations prior to implementation.
•End‐to‐end management of federally‐mandated Certification and Accreditation (C & A) processes, including testing and documentation.

OEM‐level expertise with leading enterprise applications:

•Using their in‐depth government and application experience, they optimize systems to the unique requirements of the public sector.
•Experts in the development of standards‐based service interfaces that streamline application integration, simplify sustainment, and enable cost‐savings through reuse.
•Leveraging demonstrated leadership in data modeling, system integration, and information security to extend enterprise applications to new platforms, including mobile and composite applications.

Agilex Product Line

Software Development: They offer best‐in‐class resources for the full software development lifecycle, including project management, software programming, integration, testing, product documentation, and software packaging and release management.

Enterprise Software: Their team has deployed enterprise resource planning (ERP) and related systems from Oracle and SAP for hundreds of thousands of users. They are experts in configuring complex systems to meet the client’s unique requirements and provide end‐to‐end management of the implementation, including, integration, data migration, and end‐user training.

Enterprise Application Integration (EAI): By integrating custom, legacy, and commercial systems into the enterprise fabric, they can automate processes, improve transactional integrity, and extend command and control capabilities.

Mobile Applications: From the back‐end integration to user interface design, they design and develop mobile applications that improve the productivity and performance of field workers without compromising security.

Web 2.0: Agilex helps build and extend infrastructure needed for end‐users to use Rich Internet Applications (RIA) and mashups to compose their own solutions.

Agilex Seccess Stories

FHA released a contract to build CONNECT, and as part of the winning contract team, Agilex helped drive the development of CONNECT, the open‐source gateway solution that over twenty federal agencies can use to securely exchange medical records and other data via the Nationwide Health Information Network (NHIN). Agilex provided capabilities in the areas of project management, product packaging, and release management.

The CONNECT solution was built using service‐orientated architecture (SOA) principles, making it adaptable and extensible enough to meet the needs of a very diverse user community while incorporating additional functionality as it is developed. This flexibility has also established it as a platform for defining and implementing new policies and procedures, such as those for protecting patient privacy.

Use of the Scrum methodology for agile software development allowed the project to meet a highly compressed delivery timeline, with automated testing integrated into the process to offer mission‐critical quality assurance. The CONNECT solution was subsequently recognized by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology as the ‘reference implementation’ for accessing the NHIN.

Leveraging innovative commercial technology to bring about sophisticated solutions for resolving complex challenges.