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Data Dissemination

Issue: A government client was flying digital video files from a combat environment to the U.S. for processing and analysis – a four to five day undertaking. The government needed to move the files in a more timely and secure manner.

Solution: i3 ICS’s Information Technology (IT) solutions created a tailored, end-to-end architecture that utilized state of the art file transfer technology and industry-leading clustered digital storage capabilities to move the files over satellite links in a matter of hours. The resultant processed data reduced decision-maker cycles to minutes and hours vice days and weeks. This single effort helped save U.S. Service members’ lives.

Information at the Tactical Edge

Issue: A customer wanted to push application-based handheld devices to warfighters at the tactical edge, allowing access and sharing of data previously unavailable at this level.

Solution: i3 ICS worked with mission partners in two exercises integrating commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) smart phone technology with established and emerging battlefield networks, providing instant access to critical mission-related data in an operational environment. We continue to work with our mission partners to develop solutions to long-term challenges, facilitating the full integration of edge devices with emerging battlefield information architectures.


Issue: A government client was experiencing bottle neck of data in various areas of a project.

Solution: By integrating technologies from leading innovative companies, i3 ICS devised a solution to significantly enhance the rapid dissemination and processing of imagery and imagery-derived intelligence products at speeds far exceeding current architecture capabilities. Greater than the sum of its parts, this holistic solution enabled better data access across multiple echelons of command.
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